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Louisiana Festival / Copenhague


This summer, I will be in Copenhagen as part of the Louisiana Festival, with Zadie Smith, Colson Whithead, Laurie Anderson, Svetlana Alexievitch, Paul Auster, etc

I will give a talk about my novel History of violence – just released in danish – and about literature in general, the 26th of August, at 2:30pm. This talk will be in French, translated into Danish and English.

The 27th of August, I will be in conversation with Colson Whitehead at 2:30pm ( in English ).

More informations here.


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Histoire de la violence au festival d’Avignon

cxelwwyucaajxy1-jpg-largeLe 12 juillet 2017, à 22h30, sera présentée dans le Off du Festival d’Avignon une lecture d’Histoire de la violence. A l’issue de la lecture, je dialoguerai avec le metteur en scène, Laurent Hatat, qui avait notamment adapté au théâtre Retour à Reims de Didier Eribon en 2014.

La lecture et la discussion se dérouleront au théâtre de la Manufacture.

Voici la présentation de la soirée donnée dans le dossier de presse de la compagnie :

Laurent Hatat prépare une adaptation théâtrale du roman d’Edouard Louis, Histoire de la Violence (…). Une première version de 40 minutes sera présentée à la Manufacture le 12 juillet 2017 à 22h30 dans le cadre d’une journée de réflexion, de débats, de présentations de projets autour de l’émergence contemporaine qui se déroulera de 14h à 23h.

« Nous donnerons d’abord une lecture de quelques extraits du roman Histoire de la Violence.
J’animerai ensuite une rencontre avec Edouard Louis. Au-delà des échanges sur le roman en lui-même, son succès international – j’aimerais axer la thématique de la rencontre sur la question de l’adaptation, au cinéma ou encore au théâtre avec le projet d’anima motrix. Nous évoquerons aussi les enjeux et les risques du point de vue de l’auteur. » Laurent Hatat

écriture et conception Laurent Hatat | avec Edouard Louis, Emma Gustafsson, Arnaud Vrech, Céline Langlois et Laurent Hatat

— La Manufacture, Avignon (rue des Écoles)
le 12 juillet de 22H30 à 0H00





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The End of Eddy at Shakespeare&Co


I will be discussing my book The End of Eddy at the wonderful bookshop Shakespeare and Company, Tuesday 21st of February, at 19:00.


Je parlerai de la traduction anglaise de mon premier roman, En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule ( traduit par Michael Lucey ), à la magnifique librairie Shakespeare and Company, le mardi 21 février a 19h.

Adresse / The address is : 37 rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris. Everyone is welcome. L’entree est libre.

Voici la présentation donnée par le site de la librairie

Join us as we welcome back Edouard Louis to discuss his exhiliarting début The End of Eddy.

Édouard Louis grew up in Hallencourt, a village in northern France where many live below the poverty line. His bestselling debut novel about life there, The End of Eddy, has sparked debate on social inequality, sexuality and violence.

It is an extraordinary portrait of escaping from an unbearable childhood, inspired by the author’s own. Written with an openness and compassionate intelligence, ultimately, it asks, how can we create our own freedom?


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« The End of Eddy » : events in February

Tuesday, 7th of February in London : Conversation with Tash Aw at the London review of books Bookshop.

Wednesday, 8th of February in Manchester : Conversation with Andrew McMillan at the Waterstones bookshop.

Thursday, 9th of February in Bristol : Public discussion at the Waterstones bookshop.

Informations and reservations are on the links attached to each event.

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Discussion at the American University of Paris


Tuesday, 27th of September, at 18h30 I will talk about literature and narratives – traditional and newer – at the American University of Paris.

The event is open to all.

More informations here :

From tweets and Facebook updates to Snapchats and Instagram selfies, our generation is preoccupied with sharing, speaking out and showing off. When we update our social media timelines, or like and share updates of our friends and peers, we are creating narratives, telling stories or contributing to the storytelling efforts of others.

What are the implications of these acutely contemporary forms of narrative and the ways we use them? What are the relationships of these forms to more traditional storytelling forms such as the novel and the memoir? What are the literary, social and ethical ramifications of telling stories in the twenty-first century?

To discuss these questions, and others, AUP is delighted to be welcoming the critically acclaimed writer Édouard Louis to join a panel discussion. At the age of 23, Louis is fast becoming a respected member of the French intellectual community. His first novel, The End of Eddy (published in French in 2014 and to appear in English early in 2017) relates his experiences growing up in the north of France and explores gender, identity and class. His second novel, Histoire de la violence (2016), is equally inspired by personal experience and explores rape, violence and the latter’s role in society.

Louis will be joined by AUP professor Hannah Westley (Global Communications). Her current research considers the consequences of new media for the genre of autobiography and self-writing, with a particular interest in how online identities interact with traditional means of self-representation and how this affects the ways in which narrative and subjectivity are understood. Most recently, Professor Westley has been researching how the ‘selfie’ helps us think about narrative.

The event (which takes place in English) will be chaired by Russell Williams (Comparative Literature and English, AUP). His research focuses primarily on the contemporary French novel. He is also particularly interested in how we use social media and its relationship to more traditional literary forms.

This panel discussion is organised by the AUP department of Comparative Literature and English with the support of the Centre for Writers and Translators and the Global Communications department.

The event is open to all. Those looking to attend from outside the AUP community must register in advance by contacting Room C-104 is located in the AUP Combes building at 6, rue du Colonel Combes, 75007 Paris.

For further information, or to register, please contact Russell Williams at

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« Face à la violence, se réinventer »



Dans le cadre du festival du journal Le Monde, je dialoguerai avec Jean Birnbaum sur le thème « Face à la violence, se réinventer ». Il y sera question d’Histoire de la violence et d’En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule mais aussi, plus généralement, de violence sociale, de littérature et d’émancipation.

La rencontre se tiendra dans le Grand Foyer du Palais Garnier le samedi 17 septembre à 16h.

Il est possible de réserver des places et d’obtenir plus d’informations ici.


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Lectures in Norway

Bergen : 

14th of September 

16h00 : Dialogue with the « Bergen student society », at Kvarteret, about Voldens Historie and Eddy Bellegueule.

19h00: Dialogue at the Literature house of Bergen, with Bjørn Ivar Fyksen, about Voldens Historie.


Stavanger :

15th of September 

16h:30 : Lecture about Pierre Bourdieu ( Culture house of Stavanger )

16th of September 

13h00 : Dialogue about Voldens Historie ( Culture house of Stavanger )



Oslo :

21st of September

19h00 :Conversation with Kjersti Skomsvold at the Literature house of Oslo. We will talk about her work and « Voldens Historie ».

23rd of September

18h00 : Lecture about Toni Morisson : « Its not my fault », at the Literature House of Oslo

After the lecture, there will be a film screening of the movie adaptation of Beloved from 1998.






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