Lectures in Norway

Bergen : 

14th of September 

16h00 : Dialogue with the « Bergen student society », at Kvarteret, about Voldens Historie and Eddy Bellegueule.

19h00: Dialogue at the Literature house of Bergen, with Bjørn Ivar Fyksen, about Voldens Historie.


Stavanger :

15th of September 

16h:30 : Lecture about Pierre Bourdieu ( Culture house of Stavanger )

16th of September 

13h00 : Dialogue about Voldens Historie ( Culture house of Stavanger )



Oslo :

21st of September

19h00 :Conversation with Kjersti Skomsvold at the Literature house of Oslo. We will talk about her work and « Voldens Historie ».

23rd of September

18h00 : Lecture about Toni Morisson : « Its not my fault », at the Literature House of Oslo

After the lecture, there will be a film screening of the movie adaptation of Beloved from 1998.






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